SympaMeals is an amazing organization that impacts the lives of those very poor with cancer, heart, HIV, children and the elderly and people with other health conditions.  

Maybe you have never heard of them, but they have been supporting people since 2005.

If you or your family has ever experienced any of the above aliments this organization could be a great opportunity to support another as you know how hard this treatment is  . . . . .

They support people who need cancer treatment so they can get to hospital as many cannot afford that expense of the bus to Hanoi.  Then once they are there in hospital for treatment, they have to buy their own food.  Again people from very poor areas cannot buy food from the hospital canteen as do not have the funds to do that.  SymphaMeals comes to their rescue with supplying coupons so they can actually eat something nutritious instead of sharing a piece of bread or rice ball with others.

Sympameals is based in Hanoi and  is currently spending
between US$7,500 to US$10,000 per month supporting
Vietnamese who are very poor that are living in extremely
difficult circumstances who also have very poor health
that requires  cancer treatment.

These funds are used to pay for food coupons so patients
can have one meal a day while having treatment in
hospital, milk powder is given to outpatients, medical
treatment and medication is paid for; and travel expenses
are paid so the patient has the funds to get to and from
the National Cancer (K) Hospital
43 Quan Su Street, in Hanoi.

In the tune of 2oo coupons a day are given to
in-house patients, between 40 – 60 tins of milk
powder are distributed to out-patients in 10 different
departments of the hospital.



To support people under difficult circumstances, especially
poor cancer patients”


SympaMeals Founders – Hop Dang and Anh Phan are also on the Executive Committee

Any person who has ever visited a hospital in Hanoi
fully understands the difficulty for patients as not
only  do they have to deal with the rigors of cancer
treatment, they also have to pay as they go for
expensive treatment and medication, accommodation
and food all have to be paid for.

Especially the very poor people from the provinces
who have often had to sell something to get there
trim their costs to the bare minimum which means
food is not a luxury they can really afford so exist
on one bread roll or small ball of rice for each meal
compounds their illness and makes  treatment
more difficult.


Desiring to help these people in September 2005
the Dong Cam – SympaMeals started with a modest
purpose to help some inpatients from difficult
circumstances be given 1 meal per day initially
distributing about 20 coupons (each worth VND 5,000)
to 20 patients which can be exchanged for a meal in
the hospital canteen.

Since then the cost of the coupons has steadily
increased with the cost now at VND 15,000/0.75
cents and 200 coupons are delivered to inpatients.

Additional to this 40 to 60 tins of milk powder
are also distributed to outpatients each week in the 10 departments of K Hospital.

Other than the milk powder SympaMeals has expanded
into other areas including helping children and
elderly patients, paying medical fees, medication,
and living and travel costs to hospital for patients
living in specially difficult circumstances.
SympaMeals recently started gift-giving programs with HIV affected children.


– see their Facebook page:

This lady’s story – see on Facebook for more stories about the real
people that SympaMeals help


Currently ALL ADMINISTRATION and general project
running costs are all funded by ts Executive Committee.

Detailed financial reports and monthly newsletters
keep supporters informed, so they can feel confident
donations are delivered to the patients.

SympaMeals – Coupons distributed, you can use for milk porridge
or rice sister; at Vietnam’s National Cancer Hospital.


  • In cash: Please contact Thuy Le, phone: 0936.477.089,

• By bank transfer into either of the following accounts:
1. Account holder: Dang Xuan Hop,

Account Number: 002 100 106 2117,

Bank: Vietcombank Ba Dinh, Hanoi;

2. Account holder: Phan Nguyet Anh,

Account Number: 0300 1010 974 425,

Bank: Maritime Bank, Hanoi Branch.

Upon making a transfer, please specify  Contribution from … (name of donor) email…
(for first time donations)” so

that we can send you a receipt and prepare
our financial report accordingly.