Initiated in France, Y4CN is advocating importance of the youth integration for tackling issues such as luck of education, employment, disability, social exclusion, vulnerability and poverty.


Unifying young adults across the world for the change and creating better place. Pedagogy based knowledge and skill sharing for problem solving and implementation, analytical approach to the result and replication of the success model, and supporting entrepreneurship for excluded youth.


Overview of our impact (2009 – 2016)

940 Youth accompanied
28   Programs
17    Life Project Centers
340 Youth integrated in the professional world
10   Organizations worldwide
8    Countries
59  Professionals in the field


The Youth, 12 – 18 months after joining the program:

85 % are entrepreneurs of their Life Project

80% have found decent employment

5%    have set up their own micro-company 

15% leave the PTE before completing the program, but more than half of those ask to come back within 6 months 



USA, Luxembourg,

Belgium, Philippines, Vietnam, India,

France, Indonesia

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