“Masion Chance” is a house, facility and community for helping orphans, street kids, disadvantaged people and the physically handicapped people in Vietnam. A house where under-privileged children can study and work together. Housing, education and vocational training are provided to them.


3 on-going + 1 new projects are being  implemented, Maison Chance Shelter, Take Wing Center, Village Chance. Associated NGOs in France, US, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada are actively working on fund-raising as selling products made at Maison House Vietnam.

Check out the new project,  “DAK NONG Project”.

“Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him for A Day. Teach A Man to Fish, Feed Him for A Lifetime” is our base of activity.


Take Wing Center
19A Duong so 1, Kp 9, P. Binh Hung Hoa A
Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 (0) 8 62 65 95 66 – 37 67 04 33
Email: vietnam@maison-chance.org