Can you imagine working 12 hours a day, labouring on a farm that is not your own, and only taking home $3 to support your entire family?


That was what life was like for Luyen, a 37-year-old single mother, from southern Vietnam. Her son was always getting sick because she couldn’t afford warm clothes for him during the rainy season.


With the help of wonderful supporters like you, Luyen took a $200 loan from our Community Development Fund and started a successful pig-farming business. Now she no longer has to leave her home and labour all day. Today, she’s earning enough to comfortably feed and clothe her family.


Luyen took out a second loan this year and started another business picking and drying water hyacinth that grows in nearby canals. She sells them to a trader to be made into baskets and furniture. She hopes to learn basket weaving so she can make the baskets herself and earn more income.



$55 can buy a pig to help more women like Luyen bring home the bacon


$80 can buy 10 chickens, providing a nest egg for a rural family


$120 can pay for basket weaving training


$200 can jump-start a small business for a family


Thank you for your incredible support. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do the work that matters most.


Please support our Community Development Fund, and help transform the lives of a family in Vietnam.



Anh-Thu Nguyen
Vietnam Officer
Action on Poverty


P.S. Over 90% of your donation will go straight to our life-changing programs.
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