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Key values

A fundamental component of Passerelles numériques’s program is the desire to instill in our young students the key human values, which according to us, will lead them to personal fulfillment.

The sense of responsibility is one of these values: investing in, and assuming one’s place in a group; in one’s family, in society, being a role model , making choices that are not for personal interest but for the benefit of all; these are personal attributes that we try to apply ourselves and transmit to our young people.

Being supportive of others, respecting them, being confident and seeking to develop mutual trust to help one another and attain higher goals, together. These are key human qualities which lead to a fulfilled life.

At PN, faithful to our pragmatic approach, we live these principles and we encourage our students to live them. There are a few illustrations of our practices in this letter, where the students learn the practical implementation of values, and to discover their usefulness, such as: the student and alumni associations, allowing them to take on responsibilities and to act for the good of everyone. The creation of a library teaches them how to manage a joint project. Pictures of the graduation ceremony at Cebu show the joy of succeeding together. Finally, you can read how the support of companies such as Microsoft stem from PN’s ability to change the destiny of our young recruits. Their success is our success. Let’s keep it up.

Benoît Genuini
Voices from the field




Do you know what SA means in PN language?

System Administration, Software Architecture, Source-Active. But not only that! In PN language, this acronym also stand for Student Association. What’s that? What is the aim? What are the different organizations and achievements in each country? Allow us to introduce you to an important component of our students’ everyday lives!

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Passerelles numériques’ friends

A promising new partnership with Microsoft

We are grateful to count Microsoft as a partner since early 2017. They are sponsoring many aspects of our program such as the Selection Process and the Training in our three operating countries. We met Daiana Beitler – Regional Director for Microsoft Philanthropies in Asia – last April in Singapore.

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Our training centers in Asia




The Library Project: a new taste for reading!

In 2016, PNC’s team & students launched together a project to reorganize the whole library. Design, books, and a library management system were discussed and adapted to fit better with the student’s wishes & needs.



PN Cambodia – The Library Project: a new taste for reading!


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Alumni’s career paths reach a global level

PN Philippines takes pride in its alumni whose career path has reached an international level. Here are stories of our alumni who have gone overseas for various professional endeavors.

PN Philippines alumni’s career paths reach a global level

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A new training program

How has PN Vietnam adapted to companies’ requirements and feedback as well as the most recent changes in education policies in Vietnam? We interviewed PN Vietnam’s Training manager to find out more.

PN Vietnam – A new training program

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Well done!

Passerelles numériques Philippines’ Class 2017 graduated on April 8th.
86 students received their certificates as “Software Developers (43 students) and Systems and Network Administrators (43 students)” after a 3-year training provided by PNP in partnership with the University of San Carlos (USC).

Around 400 friends, relatives, partners, etc. joined the event! We are proud to announce that 66 graduates already found a job.
Congratulations to all!

Click here to check out some of the best moments of this event.

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