What would you do with $200?
Luyen turned her family’s life around with one small loan.
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Dear all,
Just one year ago, Luyen was struggling to feed and clothe her son. But thanks to people like you, this single mum now has not one, but two thriving businesses.
Our Community Development Fund gave Luyen a small loan of just $200 to start her own business raising pigs. Once that took off, Luyen used a second loan to attend a course in harvesting and drying water hyacinth – another very profitable business.
Your gifts make amazing transformations possible. Luyen can now meet all her family’s needs, send her son to school and save for the future.
With these two sources of income, Luyen no longer has to endure back-breaking farm work for just $3 a day. She makes a good living working from home, where she can spend time with her son and elderly mother.
So far, our Community Development Fund has offered over 400 loans in this region to help people like Luyen start their own business. But there are still more families in need and youc an help us reach more people.
Will you choose to give a tax-deductible gift by 30 June to help us offer loans so hard-working families can lift themselves out of poverty?
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can buy a pig to help working
mums bring home the bacon
Man with chickens
can buy 10 chickens, providing a
nest egg for a rural family
woman weaving baskets
can pay for basket weaving training
to help a woman earn her own living
can jump-start a business for a
struggling Vietnamese family